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Selling Tips

I offer first class service handling every aspect of the transaction with care and professionalism: working with the potential sellers to offering tips before getting the home ready, coordinating Staggers, landscapers, photographers, termite crews, or whatever is needed to ensure your home makes a fantastic good impression. I work very close with you, the seller, to ensure a smooth escrow process and I also work in harmony with a rich network of service professionals to ensure an easy hassle free transaction as getting your home SOLD is her Goal! 


With a proven record I have demonstrated time after time that working with an experienced and savvy Agent will positively determine the overall results. See what my clients' say about the process of working with me in testimonials and reviews, either on this site or on Zillow.




When getting your home ready prior to its market debut 


Understand the Local Market

  • Hire the right Agent! An experienced Real Estate Professional is able to help you understand this information.

  • Price your home Competitively. You will want multiple bids so you can choose the highest and best offer, pricing your home correctly will help you target the right buyers who are willing to negotiate the best deal. Setting an accurate asking price will speed up the selling process so you can move on to the next chapter of your life while still getting the most money.

  • Target the right buyers

  • Sellers typically update their homes before they list it, while some simply paint each room a neutral color and do a through cleaning, others may do a remodel to boost their Homes Value


Hiring the right Contractor:  There are key questions you can ask 

  • How long have you done business?

  • Do you have a reference list that you can share with me?

  • Who will supervise the project on-site?

  • Ensure you and the contractor are in the same page when it comes to time expectations, get everything in writing. 


Make any necessary repairs and get your home move-in ready. If possible, hire a home inspector so you know what to fix and make your home available to show.

  • Improving the accessibility of your home to buyers and their agents may help you sell it faster, I will coordinate with you the best times and dates to show home to potential buyers


Clear the clutter!

  • Since you are moving you will want to sift through your belongings and sell, donate, or toss anything you can live without, and hire a professional cleaner to thoroughly clean your home for potential buyers. Also opening the curtains and blinds to let light in can help your home be more bright and turning on all the lights during showings can allow buyers enjoy the showing more.




  • Plan ahead to save time and money; if you sell your home before you buy a new one, lean on me to help you find a new home or short-term rental before you close.

  • Once you accepted an offer, we must outline contingency dates in our paperwork. During this time, its important to make sure all contingencies, including inspections and repairs, are made by the deadlines.

  • Get pre-approved. This will give you and your professional an idea of the price on your next home

You may be wondering, should you sell your current home first or buy a new home and then sell? This can discussed the options with you to ensure you make the best decision.



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